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Appendix 1

No Comments Test of Soundness

Procedural Tests
P1 it has been prepared in accordance with the Delivery Agreement including the Community Involvement Strategy
P2 the plan and its policies have been subjected to sustainability appraisal including strategic environmental assessment
Consistency Tests
C1 it is a land use plan which has regard to other relevant plans, policies and strategies relating to the area or to adjoining areas
C2 it has regard to national policy
C3 it has regard to the Wales Spatial Plan
C4 it has regard to the relevant community strategy/ies
Coherence & Effectiveness Tests
CE1 the plan sets out a coherent strategy from which its policies and allocations logically flow and, where cross boundary issues are relevant, it is compatible with the development plans prepared by neighbouring authorities
CE2 the strategy, policies and allocations are realistic and appropriate having considered the relevant alternatives and are founded on a robust evidence base
CE3 there are clear mechanisms for implementation and monitoring
CE4 it is reasonably flexible to enable it to deal with changing circumstances

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