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Appendix 8

No Comments Schedule of Policies


Welsh Language and Culture
PS1 Welsh Language and Culture

Infrastructure and Developer Contributions
PS2 Infrastructure and Developer Contributions
ISA1 Infrastructure Provision
ISA2 Community Facitities
ISA3 Further and Higher Education Development
ISA4 Safeguarding Existing Open Space
ISA5 Provision of Open Spaces in New Housing Developments

Information and Communications Technology
PS3 Information and Communications Technology

Sustainable Transport, Development and Accessibility
PS4 Sustainable Transport, Development and Accessibility
TRA1 Transport Network Development
TRA2 Parking Standards
TRA3 Safeguarding Disused Railway Lines
TRA4 Managing Transport


Sustainable Development and Climate Change
PS5 Sustainable Development
PS6 Alleviating and Adapting to the Effects of Climate Change
PCYFF1 Development Criteria
PCYFF2 Design and Place Shaping
PCYFF3 Design and Landscaping
PCYFF4 Carbon Management
PCYFF5 Water Conservation

Renewable Energy Technology
PS7 Renewable Energy Technology
ADN1 On-Shore Wind Energy
ADN2 Other Renewable Energy Technologies

Coastal Change Management
ARNA1 Coastal Change Management Area


Proposals for Major Infrastructure Projects
PS8 Proposals for Large Infrastructure Projects
PS9 Wylfa Newydd Related Development

Providing Opportunities for a Flourishing Economy
PS10 Providing Opportunity for a Flourishing Economy
CYF1 Safeguarding and Allocating Land and Units for Employment Use
CYF2 Ancillary Uses on Employment Sites
CYF3 New Large Single User Industrial or Business Enterprise on Sites which are not Safeguarded or Allocated for Employment Purposes
CYF4 Alternative Uses of Employment Sites
CYF5 Reuse and Conversion of Rural Building, Use of Residential Properties or New Build Unites for Business / Industrial Use
CYF6 Regeneration Sites
CYF7 Holyhead Regeneration Area

The Visitor Economy
PS11 The Visitor Economy
TWR1 Visitor Attractions and Facilities
TWR2 Holiday Accommodation
TWR3 Static Caravan and Chalet Sites and Permanent Alternative Camping Accommodation
TWR4 Holiday Occupancy
TWR5 Touring Caravan, Camping and Temporary Alternative Camping Accommodation

Town Centres and Retail Development
PS12 Town Centres and Retail Developments
MAN1 Proposed Town Centre Development
MAN2 Primary Retail Areas (Retail Core)
MAN3 Retailing Outside Defined Town Centres but within Development Boundaries
MAN4 Safeguarding Village Shops and Public Houses
MAN5 New Retailing in Villages
MAN6 Retailing in the Countryside
MAN7 Hot Food Take-away Uses


A Balanced Housing Provision
PS13 Housing Provision
TAI1 Appropriate Housing Mix
TAI2 Subdivision of Existing Properties to Self-contained Flats and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOS)
TAI3 New Build Purpose Built Accommodation, Housing in Multiple Occupation and other Housing with Shared Facilities for Transient Contruction Workers
TAI4 Residential Care Homex, Extra Care Housing or Specialist Care Accommodation for the Elederly
TAI5 Local Market Housing
TAI6 Purpose Built Student Accommodation
TAI7 Replacement Dwellings
TAI8 Residential Use of Caravans, Mobile Homes or Other Forms of Non-permanent Accommodation

Affordable Housing
PS14 Affordable Housing
TAI9 Affordable Housing Threshold and Distribution
TAI10 Exception Sites

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation
TAI11 Safeguarding Existing Gypsy and Traveller Sites
TAI12 Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocations
TAI13 Sites for Gypsy and Traveller Pitc

Location of Housing
PS15 Settlement Strategy
TAI14 Housing in Sub-regional Centre and Urban Service Centres
TAI15 Housing in Local Service Centres
TAI16 Housing in Service Villages
TAI17 Housing in Local, Rural and Coastal Villages
TAI18 Housing in Clusters
TAI19 Conversion of Traditional Buildings


Conserving and Enhancing the Natural Environment
PS16 Conserving and Enhancing the Natural Environment
AMG1 Special Landscape Areas
AMG2 Protecting and Enhancing Features and Qualities that are Unique to the Local Landscape Character
AMG3 Coastal Protection
AMG4 Local Biodiversity
AMG5 Protecting Sites of Regional or Local Significance

Preserving and Enhancing Heritage Assets
PS17 Preseving and Enhancing Heritage Assets
AT1 Conservation Areas, World Heritage Sites and Registered Historic Lanscapes, Parks and Gardens
AT2 Enabling Development
AT3 Locally or Regionally Significant Non-designated Heritage Assets
AT4 Proteciton of Non-designated Archaeological Sites

Waste Management
PS18 Waste Management
GWA1 Provision of Waste Management and Recycling Infrastructure
GWA2 Waste Management Outside Development Boundaries and Allocated Sites
GWA3 Low and Very Low Level Radioactive Waste Treatment and Storage

PS19 Minerals
MWYN1 Safeguarding Mineral Resources
MWYN2 Sustainable Supply of Mineral Resources
MWYN3 Preferred Areas of Search
MWYN4 Mineral Developments
MWYN5 Local Building Stone
MWYN6 Buffer Zones around Mineral Sites
MWYN7 Railhead and Wharf Facilities
MWYN8 Exploration Works
MWYN9 Borrow Pits
MWYN10 Restoration and After Care

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