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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 1.26

Representation ID: 631

OBJECT Cyng/Counc Mike Stevens


For the long term sustainability of gwynedd, it cannot be beneficial that all the urban service centres are in the north of the county. Tywyn is regarded as the 'Mother Town' of South Meirionnydd servicing six large villages who look to Tywyn for their major services.A new x-ray department in the hospital and a new police and fire station are currently being built. Health authorities recognise the geographical importance of Tywyn. Tywy should be designated as an Urban Centre equal to the current four in Gwynedd to allow the growth in housing and jobs retain local people.

Representation ID: 419

OBJECT Cyngor Tref Ffestiniog (Mrs Ann Coxon)


Additional comment - Where houses are slowly sold, the Local Plan should encourage people to create one dwelling out of two houses next door to eachother.

Representation ID: 418

OBJECT Cyngor Tref Ffestiniog (Mrs Ann Coxon)


It should be ensured that elements of the plan in Blaenau Ffestiniog correspond with the Local Plan that will be created for Snowdonia National Park. What cooperation exists between Gwynedd Council's Planning Departments and the National Park?

Representation ID: 393

SUPPORT Cyngor Tref Ffestiniog (Mrs Ann Coxon)


Ffestiniog Town Council is keeping Blaenau Ffestiniog as a Town Service Centre. This is important in terms of public transport, local services and much more.

Representation ID: 287

OBJECT Mr John Hughes


1.28 Table 1
Clusters. Llanengan has been recateraised as a clustre, while Sarn Bach and Llangian as rural villages. Why?
Llanengan is the District name (Plwy Llanenga) larger and more active than both other, comunity center, ysgol feithrin, snooker, Church and a Pub ( Hub). A very Welsh living village.

Representation ID: 114

SUPPORT CPERA (Cynghorydd Elin Walker Jones)


Need to collaborate and carefully plan on the needs of the people of Bangor, establish a committee to look at the housing needs of the people of Bangor, look at relocating the city's boundaries? Need for affordable housing, robust infrastructure. Brownfield! - not greenfield, consider impact on the Welsh language

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