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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY ISA4

Representation ID: 1383

OBJECT Bangor Civic Society 1 (Don Mathew)


Add "Pen y Bryn Gardens" and "Penrhyn Arms" open space to proposals map.

Representation ID: 1380

OBJECT Mr Maldwyn Evans


We live at Helidon, L.on Merllyn, Criccieth and have a protected open space area as per the deposit plan in our garden.

A number of houses have been built either side of the garden e.g. "Broadlands" "Fern Dell" and a number of houses have been built over the last few years on the opposite side of the A497 in Morannedd.

The garden can only be seen by high sided vehicles from the main road. There is also a separate access to the garden from the right hand side of the property.

Delete the protected open space status.

Representation ID: 1302

OBJECT Cyngor Dinas Bangor (Mr Gwyn Hughes)


The open spaces and parkland area of Pen y Bryn Park and the site of Penrhyn Arms on the sounth eastern end of Beach Road have been omitted from the Proposals Map.

Representation ID: 1296



SP714 should be included and identified in the plan as a play area only. According to the permission granted for Ty'n Pwll Estate 26 May 1376, application number 2/18/3/D - the following condition applies:

"Amenity space between plots 7&8 shall be maintained as an open space to the satisfaction of the local planning authority."

Please see as an attachement a letter fated Feb 2000 from Gruffydd Wyn Morris - Gynedd's Planning Manager that states this fact.

Representation ID: 1294



SP715 should be indluded adn identified in the plan as a play area only not development land.

The land is Llanbedrog's Playing Field and is owned by Llanbedrog Community Council. The Council wishes to safeguard this playing field.

Representation ID: 1071

OBJECT Llywodraeth Cymru (Mr Mark Newey)


'surplus provision' or 'over provision' - It is not clear how the Councils will demonstrate surplus/ over provision of open space, as described at clause 1 and in
Para 7.1.21.

Representation ID: 1012

OBJECT Mr Dafydd Hughes


Children must have the right to play outside, and most houses in Borth-y-Gest don't have gardens, so this provision must be retained. The playing field is also safe: no danger from cars or from dogs running wild. There has been an increase in the number of children and families, and the park enables families to meet and play safely. Losing the park would remove the heart from such a small village where resources such as those that currently exist enable families to bring up their children in a safe environment. Such a development would place a huge pressure on the village's services, bearing in mind that there is no suitable sewerage system in place or suitable access to the site.

Representation ID: 537

OBJECT Cyngor Tref Biwmares (Prof TW Ashenden)


The Protected Open Space and Play Area marked at Happy Valley omits part of the relevant area. The Bowling Green, which is available for use by the public, has been omitted from the area marked. Change the marked areas as shown in the scanned document.

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