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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.2.4

Representation ID: 1056

OBJECT Llywodraeth Cymru (Mr Mark Newey)


A Renewable Energy Assessment has been undertaken for both areas, however the Deposit Plan fails to take the opportunity to take into account the contribution the area can make towards developing and facilitating renewable and low carbon energy and plan positively for appropriate development. Further consideration needs to be given to how to translate the evidence base into a set of policies which guide appropriate development. For example, could the assessment work provide evidence to provide opportunities for higher sustainable building standards on strategic sites or can the co-location of developments optimise opportunities for renewable energy?

Representation ID: 770

OBJECT Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (Mr Noel Davey)


We appreciate that emerging national policy sees 'sustainable development' as the main purpose of the land use planning system and requires the LDP to place these principles at the heart of its local strategy. However, we question whether the proposed sustainable development policies can be applied effectively at the more local scale in the planning system. We have a major concern that so much weight is to be placed on three generalised policies related to sustainable development (PCYFF1-3). We think that the testing of all proposals against these overarching principles could readily become a bland ritual without much meaning in every Design and Access Statement, while at the same time planning decisions could become more arbitrary and less objective when tested against these generalised statements. The emphasis gained from explicit criteria attached to individual policies for each type of proposal will be lost. In many cases there will be no explicit policy, but only a requirement to refer to the broad sustainable development polices.

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