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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY ARNA1

Representation ID: 1138

OBJECT Horizon Nuclear Power (Miss Sarah Fox)


Rather than seek for specific amendments to policy ARNA1 which seek to exclude application of this policy from the marine located associated development, Horizon proposes to rely on the Wylfa Newydd specific policies proposed below which would be the relevant policies against which to determine associated development applications. For this reason Horizon is not proposing specific exclusion to its associated development from these policies.

Representation ID: 1070

OBJECT Llywodraeth Cymru (Mr Mark Newey)


The Policy is supported in principle but would benefit from minor editing to ensure clarity. Clause 1 - suggest insertion of "predicted to be" immediately before "threatened", to ensure link to SMP. Clause 2 - clarify whether proposals must meet both sub-clauses (i) and (ii), or either one of the sub-clauses. Clause 6 - it is not clear why the requirement for NRW consent is specific and unique to this clause. Clause 8 - The text within brackets is unclear, as it appears to suggest that after the first policy epoch (2025) certain developments would be acceptable. It is not clear how that fits with a plan with an end date of 2026.

Representation ID: 940

OBJECT Cyng/Counc Alwyn Gruffydd


The plan needs to be more coordinated. It is not rational to note an area as one which is at risk of flooding on one hand, while on the other noting the numbers of houses which the area requires. That the West Wales Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) 2 needs to be considered and the plan should be aligned with it.

Representation ID: 872

OBJECT Friends of Borth-y Gest (Tom Brooks)


We wish the policy to make it clear that ARNA1 relies strictly on the CURRENT definition of the "West of Wales Shoreline Management Plan 2".
We note that in the WWSMP that Borth y Gest is clearly marked as "hold the Line" and benefits from this policy until at least 2055. We consider that the policy should make clear that after the local plan is adopted, any subsequent change to the WWSMP2 will not change the areas to which ARNA1 would apply.

Representation ID: 865

OBJECT Haulfryn Group Ltd represented by Lambe Planning & Design Ltd (Mr Jeremy Lambe)


Where holiday parks are located within the coastal change management area (within the AONB) and relocation of pitches is required due to roll back position from the shoreline, a minor increase in the number of pitches should be allowed to assist with funding the re-location of holiday pitches.

Representation ID: 864

OBJECT Haulfryn Group Ltd represented by Lambe Planning & Design Ltd (Mr Jeremy Lambe)


Paragraph 8(i) refers to camping sites but does not refer to holiday caravan sites. Where holiday caravan sites are located in CChMA it appears that the existing wording does not allow holday caravan sites, but only camping sites. The wording should be amended to include holiday caravan sites.

Representation ID: 771

OBJECT Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (Mr Noel Davey)


Criterion 8 significance of .(outside the indicative policy epoch up to 2025) ? Clarify under what circumstances these non-residential developments (beach huts, shops, camp sites, etc.) will be permitted. We have been unable to locate online the CCMA maps. The maps in the Shoreline Management Plan show the location of coastal sections, but not the width of the affected management areas extending back from the coast. Crietrion 3- Either cleared or made safe. (rather than .and.)

Representation ID: 762

OBJECT Bourne Leisure Ltd represented by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (Mr Arwel Evans)


Policy ARNA1 is endorsed in principle. A policy that seeks to address shoreline management issues and objectives should fully reflect the outcomes of early engagement with landowners and also, ensure sufficient flexibility to allow for coastal landowners and business operators to relocate buildings and other facilities to open space within existing sites, or to land immediately adjoining their landholdings, where necessary due to coastal erosion. It should refer expressly to allowing landowners and business operators to contribute to funding for, and to retain coastal defence, in accordance with national policy for contributing to funding, as well as providing and maintaining defences.

Representation ID: 760

SUPPORT Bangor Civic Society 1 (Don Mathew)


Policy ARNA1 Coastal Change Management is supported.

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