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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.3.13

Representation ID: 1149

OBJECT Horizon Nuclear Power (Miss Sarah Fox)


The clarity of these paragraphs could be improved, particularly what is meant by the distinction between "major infrastructure projects" and nationally significant infrastructure projects as defined by the Planning Act 2008.
The chapter varies between being written for general application to "major infrastructure projects"; and being written specifically about the Wylfa Newydd Project. Some explanatory text and policy includes clauses drafted exclusively for deposit version of the Plan and others include clauses for pre-adoption, application and post-construction. This needs to be reviewed and standardised to avoid confusion in interpretation. Additionally, minor errors in the description of the NSIP regime and description of "associated developments"

Representation ID: 867

OBJECT National Grid (Mrs Rebecca Evans)


National Grid has some concerns about the description of planning contributions, particularly community benefits, within paragraphs 7.3.13 to 7.3.17. National Grid will always seek to reduce the negative impacts of its proposed developments through carefully considered design iterations informed by assessments and consultation; through the identification of comprehensive mitigation measures. It is recognised that in some cases planning conditions may not adequately secure the inherent design and further mitigation measures and these may therefore need to be secured in planning terms through a Section 106 agreement. In the case of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects, EN-1 sets out when planning obligations may be used for energy infrastructure, and indicates that weight can only be given to obligations which meet all of the tests for their use. Amend criterion 4 of PS8 and delete criterion 5

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