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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY CYF4

Representation ID: 1169

OBJECT Horizon Nuclear Power (Miss Sarah Fox)


It is not clear how the criteria of this policy would need to be met in order for land to be released and what evidence will be acceptable to the Councils in proving conformity to the policy. However, rather than seek for specific amendments to policy CYF4, Horizon proposes to rely on the Wylfa Newydd specific policies proposed below which will be the relevant policies against which to determine its associated development applications. For this reason Horizon is not proposing specific exclusion of its associated development from these policies

Representation ID: 827

OBJECT Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (Mr Noel Davey)


CYF4 More flexibility sought in alternate use of sites.

Representation ID: 798

OBJECT First Investments Ltd


FIL object to the current wording of this policy which, instead of promoting investment and improvements to existing employment space, will result in, at best, retaining the status quo at Peblig Mill Industrial Estate owned which is characterised by old and, in some cases, defunct employment floorspace with a high proportion of vacancies. The policy should instead promote investment in existing employment stock and where necessary, promote alternative uses on the Peblig site that are capable of delivering investment and improvements to the overall quality of employment floorspace.
FIL request that the policy be amended to include the following changes;
 Create a further independent criterion which deals with poor quality employment sites, e.g. Peblig Industrial Estate, to permit alternative uses and the loss of some employment land where such development could deliver improvements to the remaining floorspace.

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