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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY CYF6

Representation ID: 804

OBJECT Barton Willmore (Mr Mark Roberts)


This policy seeks to promote economic growth and contribute to social and environmental objectives by facilitating urban renewal schemes, including for mixed use purposes for housing, employment, retail and leisure etc.
However, the policy does not specify any specific regeneration sites despite the references within the Wales Spatial Plan to the mixed-use development of the former Dynamex Friction site in Caernarfon.
Clearly, the former Dynamex Friction Site, given our representations to other policies of the Plan, falls within this policy approach.

The former Dynamex Friction site of 20 ha should be identified within this policy for regeneration and redevelopment for mixed use purposes including, employment, housing, and other appropriate uses.

This is necessary as the other policies of the Plan will not enable the redevelopment and regeneration of this vacant, contaminated and previously developed site, which is sustainably located in close proximity to Caernarfon.

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