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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.3.64

Representation ID: 518

OBJECT Haulfryn Group Ltd represented by Lambe Planning & Design Ltd (Mr Jeremy Lambe)


Paragraph 7.3.64 refers to no increase in caravan or chalet numbers. A minor increase in the number of units should be permitted when the proposal is part of a scheme to improve the range and quality of tourist accommodation and facilities on the site. Without a minor increase to the number of pitches, it may not be possible to fund the significant investmment required to pay for upgrading proposals.
Where Holiday Parks are located within the Coastal Change Management Zone (within the AONB),and relocation of pitches are required due to a "rollback" position from the shoreline, a minor increase in the number of pitches should be allowed to assist with funding the re-location of holiday pitches and the significant investment required.

POLICY TWR3 paragraph 7.3.64
change to allow a minor increase in units provided it can be demonstrated thatsignificant site improvements and reduced landscape impact would result

Representation ID: 486

OBJECT Cadnant Planning (Mr Rhys Davies)


This should be deleted as set out in our response to TWR3

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