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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.3.66

Representation ID: 759

SUPPORT Bourne Leisure Ltd represented by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (Mr Arwel Evans)


Bourne Leisure endorses supporting para 7.3.66 as we consider it sensible to not define the size of the area that can be sought as part of redevelopment proposals. This is because some proposals may require a large site area however this area may be used as a buffer for landscaping purposes which has a positive impact on the local environment. Bourne Leisure also considers that it is sensible to assess each site on its own merit within this general guide. This is because of the wide variety of tourist accommodation in Gwynedd.

Representation ID: 198

OBJECT Kingsbridge Caravan Park (Mr Andrew Bate)


Setting a limit of 10% increase in numbers is placing the smaller parks at a disadvantage compared to parks with large numbers of units and gives the large parks an unfair commercial advantage.

I would like to see the limit of 10% increase in numbers deleted and have each case considered on its merits. Small parks have particular problems with limited turnover and need an increase in numbers to recover costs associated with raising quality standards and environmental improvements.

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