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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI1

Representation ID: 1421

OBJECT NFU Cymru (Dafydd Jarrett)


The NFU would like to make the following general comments about the Development Management Policies included in the draft Plan. Opportunities that would not prevent the following development:
* In circumstances where it would assist to satisfy a local need for housing, including schemes that conform to the Affordable Housing Policy.

Representation ID: 1267

SUPPORT Hwylusydd Tai Gwledig (Mr Arfon Hughes)


A suitable provision of housing in rural areas is important in order to promote sustainable communities, and changes in welfare rights mean that people are forced to move to smaller properties. A higher percentage of the rural population are eager to live in their native habitat and it is important to be able to offer these types of houses for them. There is also an ageing population and the need for housing that is easy to adapt so that people are able to live in their homes and communities for as long as possible. The Rural Housing Facilitator for Gwynedd has a central role in this to ensure that this policy contributes to the right type of provision in the County.

Representation ID: 969

OBJECT CPERA (Cynghorydd Elin Walker Jones)


The High Street and the city centre should also be used for dwellings, as well as commerce and entertainment. Buildings higher than three storeys should not be permitted while building student flats or halls on non-campus sites.

Representation ID: 965

OBJECT Cyngor Dinas Bangor (Mr Gwyn Hughes)


The Council is of the opinion that the JLDP should include policies to encourage 'Living Above the Shop' in Bangor's High Street. This would:
i) Provide much needed residential accommodation in a sustainable location.
ii) Give vacant upper floors of High Street shop buildings an economic use which would result in an incentive for landlords to invest in these buildings.
iii) Bring security and vitality back into the town centre.
iv) Help to regenerate the High Street.

Representation ID: 962

OBJECT Cyngor Cymuned Botwnnog (Mrs Gwenda Roberts)


In the face of an ageing population, and the emphasis by the government to care for them in their communities, shouldn't the proposed plan ensure that there are purposeful houses for them in the communities in which they live? It is vital that the older people are able to spend the rest of their lives in the community and environment that they have always been used to.

Representation ID: 957

OBJECT CPERA (Cynghorydd Elin Walker Jones)


It is necessary to collaborate with the University to plan for the housing needs of Bangor. A great deal of student dwellings were approved over the past few years and as a result, student flats are everywhere and houses for rent around the city are vacant. These rented housing are not affordable for the social sector as the rent is set for students. Therefore they are currently empty. Therefore, the existing empty houses should be considered before building more houses.

Representation ID: 735

SUPPORT Cyngor Cymuned Llanystumdwy (Mr Richard J Roberts)


Point 6 says 'Improve the quality and the suitability of the existing housing stock'.

We fully agree with this and it should be encouraged at all times rather than building new ones.

Representation ID: 734

OBJECT Cyngor Cymuned Llanystumdwy (Mr Richard J Roberts)


It is noted here that 'a Supplementary Planning Guidance for this field will be published to provide more guidance'. We repeat our observations in p.7.1.4.

Representation ID: 414

SUPPORT Gr┼Áp Cynefin (Rhys Dafis)


The Policy's wording is appropriate to the Plan area.

Representation ID: 215

OBJECT Home Builders Federation Ltd (Mr Mark Harris)


Point 4 introduces the idea of a phasing requirement, however no explanation or justification of this is given in the supporting paragraphs. HBF object to the principle of phasing unless it can be justified, a view supported by PPW para 2.5.

Remove reference to phasing in point 4 or justify in supporting text.

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