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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI2

Representation ID: 1269

SUPPORT Partneriaeth Tai Gwynedd / Gwynedd Housing Partnership (Elfyn Owen)


The average size of households is decreasing which leads to a change in their constitution, with a higher number of single person households.This, coupled witht he changes in welfare policy, means that more people are seeking smaller housing units. Information on the numbers of people seeking on-bedroom properties who have been identified as homeless by the Council demonstrates this. In the same vein, there is a need for 2 bedroom properties to ensure that families who are affected by the welfare policy are able to move to smaller properties. This policy can assist in ensuring that an adequate provision of 1 and 2 bedroom properties are available.

Representation ID: 1177

OBJECT Horizon Nuclear Power (Miss Sarah Fox)


Rather than seek for specific amendments to this policy, Horizon proposes to rely on the Wylfa Newydd specific policies (see Horizon representations in relation to Omissions from the Plan) which would be the relevant policies against which to make consultation responses to the DCO application and to determine associated development applications. For this reason Horizon is not proposing specific exclusion to its associated development from this policy.

Representation ID: 743

OBJECT Cyngor Dinas Bangor (Mr Gwyn Hughes)


The City Council welcomes the curbs and safeguards included in the JLDP regarding this type of accommodation in Bangor and also welcomes the limit imposed on the density of such accommodation in the various wards as set out in the document. However, it is of the opinion that the definition of this type of accommodation need to be made clear and unambiguous in the Plan. The Topic Paper "Student Accommodation" is welcomed as is the commitment to update the data in the Topic Paper on an annual basis.

Representation ID: 629

OBJECT Tom Brooks


Conversion of property that is suitable for families that is converted in this way removes essential homes for younger local residents from the available pool.
Change:The word 'terraced' in qualification 1 should be removed. A new condition should be inserted after A5 that "the property is not listed as being within a relevant settlement in TAI5" should Borth y Gest be added to the list of communities specifically mentioned in TAI 5 Or the new condition should state that "the property is not within a coastal village", should Borth y Gest be considered as in that category.

Representation ID: 526

SUPPORT Bangor Civic Society 1 (Don Mathew)


TAI2: HMOs - we welcome first attempt to put a cap on non-shared accommodation and use a 'preferred search zone'.

Representation ID: 523

OBJECT Bangor Civic Society 1 (Don Mathew)


TAI 2 HMOs. What is the position if existing non-snared accommodation already exceeds the suggested limits?

Representation ID: 430

SUPPORT Cyngor Tref Ffestiniog (Mrs Ann Coxon)


Constructing multiple occupation buildings that are suitable for the elderly should be encouraged, for example with one biomass boiler.

Representation ID: 80

SUPPORT Cyngor Cymuned Y Felinheli (Cyng Sian Gwenllian)



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