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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - Policy TAI4

Representation ID: 1836

SUPPORT Cyngor Cymuned Llanengan (Ms Einir Wyn)


This policy is supported because there is a real need for residential care homes and homes for the elderly in this community.

Representation ID: 1268

SUPPORT Partneriaeth Tai Gwynedd / Gwynedd Housing Partnership (Elfyn Owen)


The population is ageing and therefore there is a need for appropriate housing provision such as bungalows, flats or units that can easily be converted. Two extra care housing schemes have been developed in the County with a third scheme due to start in September. Although this model meets some of the ageing population's need, a constant supply that is appropriate or can be adapted for an ageing population such as lifetime homes and the Design Quality Requirement for homes which receive Social Housing grant is needed.The Older People Housing Strategy is based on analytical work to identify areas with a higher density of older people, which can lead to a higher dependency on care services in the future.

Representation ID: 424

SUPPORT Gr┼Áp Cynefin (Rhys Dafis)


The population is ageing, and a sufficient supply of housing that is suitable for them must be provided. It is important that this includes adapting current housing, rather than over-providing additional housing. We should aim to enable older people to stay in their communities, which in turn adds to the social and economic sustainability of those communities

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