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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI6

Representation ID: 942

OBJECT Menter Iaith Bangor (Mrs Branwen Thomas)


Very careful consideration should be given to permitting further residential developments for the students of Bangor University. In the face of uncertainty regarding students' ability to fund their higher education away from home, a decline in the demand and an excess of empty accommodation in private hands would be severely detrimental to the stability of Bangor's communities and the Welsh language. A detailed investigation should be undertaken into the housing needs of the people of Bangor. Include Penrhosgarnedd in the city! It should be ensured that rented housing is affordable rather than charging an inflated rent as is paid by students.

Representation ID: 738

SUPPORT Cyngor Dinas Bangor (Mr Gwyn Hughes)


The Council welcomes the criteria set out in this policy relating to the siting of such developments and also welcomes the inclusion of the Preferred Search Zone on the Proposals Map.

Representation ID: 726

OBJECT Hughes Bros Ltd - represented by Alyn Nicholls


Feel the policy is too restrictive without justification for some of the matters sought such as support from a higher education institute, prohibit development within primarily residential area, prevent development on sites with extant planning permission or allocated for residential development where development would not prejudice meeting housing needs and the justification for the policy should explain that the preferred search zone does not preclude the development of student accommodation elsewhere if it satisfies the criteria within the policy. Suggested amendments are given to the criteria within the policy to reflect the above mentioned issues.

Representation ID: 674

OBJECT Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (Mr Noel Davey)


The area for student accommodation would seem too large and there are fears that the student population may not be able to fill it, thus leaving Bangor with an excess of single-person housing.

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