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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - STRATEGIC POLICY PS14

Representation ID: 1266

SUPPORT Cyng/Counc RH Wyn Williams


Welcome any policy and plan for affordable housing in the area with evidence of local need also, for the benefit of our communities.

Representation ID: 1179

OBJECT Horizon Nuclear Power (Miss Sarah Fox)


Rather than seek for specific amendments to this policy, Horizon proposes to rely on the Wylfa Newydd specific policies proposed above which would be the relevant policies against which to make consultation responses to the DCO application and to determine associated development applications. For this reason Horizon is not proposing specific exclusion to its associated development from this policy.

Representation ID: 1034

OBJECT Llywodraeth Cymru (Mr Mark Newey)


The authorities need to explain the relationship between the target within the LHMA and the level of affordable/ market housing proposed in the plan. It is necessary for the authorities to demonstrate that they are maximising provision through the LDP given the high level of need. Further clarification is required to explain what delivery rates are expected from current commitments and how allocations will contribute to the affordable housing need target. It remains unclear how 1,400 affordable housing will be delivered and whether the authorities have explored all options to maximise provision through the LDP given the very high level of needs identified for the first 5 years of the plan alone i.e. relationship to market housing.

Representation ID: 727

OBJECT Cyngor Cymuned Llanystumdwy (Mr Richard J Roberts)


It is stated here that 'Sufficient land is identified to provide a minimum target of 1,400 new affordable homes'.

Does this mean that the remainder of the houses, around 4,500 will not be affordable?

Our evidence (Llanystumdwy Community Council Area Housing Needs Survey) confirms that local people do not have the means to buy even an affordable home.

Need to increase the percentage of affordable homes within the Plan.

Representation ID: 434

SUPPORT Gr┼Áp Cynefin (Rhys Dafis)


There is a need to be completely clear what the term "affordable housing" means when implementing this policy

Representation ID: 283

OBJECT Mr Aled Evans


Affordable housing

Increase the minimum target to reflect what, it seems as though, the county's residents can afford. 61.4% of Gwynedd's residents cannot afford to buy a house and therefore things do not make sense. It is required to reduce the number of houses in the plan down, and increase the percentage of affordable housing.

Representation ID: 63

OBJECT Mr Aled Evans


This means that there will be far too many houses that aren't affordable which will have to be included in the plan. The Council's language and housing study shows this.

A much larger percentage of affordable housing

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