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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI9

Representation ID: 1263

SUPPORT Partneriaeth Tai Gwynedd / Gwynedd Housing Partnership (Elfyn Owen)


The Housing Partnership is eager to promote suitable developments within areas of need, and table 8.2 of the Housing and Population Topic paper clearly states 'that planning permissions for housing granted to public bodies / Housing Associations form a low proportion of the residential units considered within the Joint Housing Land Availability Study for Gwynedd (April 2013).' This shows the small impact of the work of the Housing Associations compared to the private sector. Housing Policy 9 notes that 'a pro-rata payment...rather than no affordable provision on the site' would be welcomed as this would ensure assistance for a supply of affordable housing, and could help housing Partners in ensuring that a scheme was viable.

Representation ID: 1043

OBJECT Llywodraeth Cymru (Mr Mark Newey)


LDP affordable housing policies should not include the range/type/mix of housing as matters could change over the lifespan of the plan and potentially inhibit the delivery.
However, LDPs should include reference to the latest information within the reasoned justification to enable effective negotiation. Dependent on the mix, which may have financial implications, the delivery of affordable housing (percentage sought on site) could also be impacted. The LMHA does assess the full range of housing requirements, but this is not referenced specifically in the LDP. The plan would benefit from including such information which could be factored into the viability calculations to demonstrate consistency with the evidence and no adverse implications.

Representation ID: 1035

OBJECT Llywodraeth Cymru (Mr Mark Newey)


In order to maximise affordable housing delivery and meet the key objective, the viability work has identified hotspots related to specific geographical areas within the plan area. The authorities should consider whether the wording of TAI9 is strong enough to negotiate much higher percentages of contributions from these specific hotspots.

Representation ID: 951

SUPPORT Hwylusydd Tai Gwledig (Mr Arfon Hughes)


The policy TAI 9 noting the need to have a 'pro-rata payment' rather than having no affordable provision on the site at all is to be welcomed, as this secures help to gain a supply of affordable housing which could be of help to Housing Partners to ensure that a scheme is viable.

Representation ID: 728

OBJECT Cyngor Cymuned Llanystumdwy (Mr Richard J Roberts)


Chwilog is in the category of 15% of affordable homes. To coincide with the Llanystumdwy Community Council Area Housing Needs Survey Report, there is a need to increase it to 60-70%, and not 15%.

Representation ID: 698

OBJECT Barton Willmore (Mr Mark Roberts)


The requirement to provide at least 25% affordable housing is not acceptable, as it implies no upward limit on the need for affordable housing to be sought on development sites. The level should be specified as up to 25% affordable housing. Policy does not consider the impact of s106 burdens. Policy does not set a differential rate for affordable housing based on previously developed or the green field sites. Does not consider development viability and does not reflect PPW.

Representation ID: 443

SUPPORT Gr┼Áp Cynefin (Rhys Dafis)


The 'amount of houses in the development' threshold for the different type of communities is suitable. The percentage of affordable housing in the development based on its location is suitable. The requirement to receive a community sum on sites where it is not possible to provide affordable housing is appropriate, so that there is a way to plan affordable housing or social housing on other sites in the same area in order to be viable.

Representation ID: 345

OBJECT Mr Geoff Wood represented by WYG (Mrs Diane Ellis)


The policy does not consider new housing in open countryside (although this is dealt with elsewhere) and it is unclear what the affordable housing commitment would be for such development. Add an additional level to the hierarchy that makes reference to new dwellings and the conversion of dwellings in open countryside. This should make reference to Strategic Policy PS15, for clarity.

Representation ID: 288

OBJECT Home Builders Federation Ltd (Mr Mark Harris)


The wording of 3 ii. needs clarification as, if properties are required to be built to DQR standards (definitely required by RSL's if grant is provided to the scheme) then it will not be possible to comply with this requirement due to size and external requirements.

Need extra wording to 3 iii. to cover independent arbitration where viability can not be agreed between the Council and the developer.

Representation ID: 273

OBJECT Mrs Marian Jones


Affordable Housing

15% of affordable housing in Llyn. Therefore, who will buy the remaining 85%? There is evidence that shows that 60%+ of Gwynedd residents cannot afford to buy houses. Will this open the floodgates for more non-Welsh speaking migrants?

Representation ID: 68

OBJECT Cyngor Tref Nefyn (Liz Saville Roberts)


The percentage of affordable housing in the Llyn area should be 25%.

Representation ID: 60

SUPPORT Cyngor Tref Biwmares (Prof TW Ashenden)


There is a lack of affordable housing in Beaumaris. The increasing number of holiday homes and lets makes the situation worse. Beaumaris Town Council welcomes the application of the affordable housing policy to Beaumaris (25% in developments of 5 or more units) and Llanfaes (100%).

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