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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.4.113

Representation ID: 1061

OBJECT Llywodraeth Cymru (Mr Mark Newey)


The total of allocations and windfalls appear to fall short of the figure included in the plan at table 17 (1,502 - page 153). The authority needs to ensure the total of allocation and windfall in villages tally to the figure in the plan and ensure this is delivered and that a large number of housing will not be able to be developed in one or a few small villages, as set out in the plan's housing strategy.

Representation ID: 699

OBJECT Barton Willmore (Mr Mark Roberts)


Tables 18/19 identify the number of units with existing planning permission.

Existing permissions should be considered, however they must be reviewed so that only sites likely to be developed in the plan period are included.

Many sites obtain planning permission but are not built. A full schedule of sites relied upon should be provided.

Distribution of housing within different settlement categories should be disaggregated to identify the overall level of growth currently committed to individual settlements.

In making new allocations, the effect of existing commitments should be considered and compared to the relative size, role and function of each settlement.

Representation ID: 626

OBJECT Dr Morag McGrath


It is difficult to justify development in open countryside. Table 18 shows that Anglesey already has 141 units above the proposed numbers for the entire of the plan period (and 43 over in the clusters).
Change: There should be a presumption against any further developments in open countryside on Anglesey unless very exceptional circumstances.

Representation ID: 289

OBJECT Home Builders Federation Ltd (Mr Mark Harris)


More provision should be provided by Sub-Regional Centre & Urban Service Centre. These centres are more sustainable and where the market wants to build houses and people want to live. Also the local needs and affordable housing restrictions on village, cluster and open countryside housing mean that these (1,976) units will not contribute to an open market housing total.

Increase the % of housing provided in Sub-Regional Centre & Urban Service Centres. Remove the restriction of 'local market housing' on the areas identified above.

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