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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI14

Representation ID: 1700

OBJECT Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (Mr Dewi Griffiths )


* The proposed growth being promoted within the catchment area of the following WwTW would require improvements at the treatment works:

Bangor Treborth, Caernarfon

The improvements would need to be funded through our Asset Management Plan or potentially earlier through developer contributions.

Representation ID: 1699

OBJECT Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (Mr Dewi Griffiths )


* There are isolated incidents of flooding in the public sewerage system in the following settlements that may need to be resolved to allow development to proceed:

Bangor, Caergybi/Holyhead, Llangefni, Caernarfon, Pwllheli

Potential developers can either wait for DCWW to resolve the flooding, subject to funding being approved by our regulator Ofwat, or progress the improvements through the sewerage requisition provisions of the Water Industry Act 1991 or S106 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. It may be necessary for modelling assessments to be undertaken to establish where the proposed development could connect to the public sewerage system.

Representation ID: 1698

SUPPORT Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (Mr Dewi Griffiths )


* The proposed windfall growth for these settlements may impact upon DCWW water and sewerage assets. As the location of any windfall development is not yet known we will make an assessment and comment on proposed development sites at the time of the planning application.

Representation ID: 833

OBJECT Barton Willmore (Mr Mark Roberts)


The distribution does not reflect the role, size and function of the settlements. Caernarfon only has three proposed housing sites with a total of 194 homes. In contrast the settlements of Amlwch and Llangefni which are half the size of Caernarfon, are to receive twice the level of growth from new allocations or indeed taking account of existing commitments. The Plan therefore does not provide sufficient development to allow Caernarfon to be a viable, sustainable and growing settlement (Objectives of Wales Spatial Plan and Planning Policy Wales) and indeed the Vision of the Plan for Caernarfon. We propose that additional housing of at least 400 should be directed to Caernarfon and its immediate surrounding area whilst the level of housing at Amlch and Llangefni and local service centres should be reduced by circa 400 homes - see representation about former Friction Dynamics site.

Representation ID: 753

OBJECT Mr Rob Booth


The policy should state that developments of more than 9 houses must include at least 10% of houses that are affordable. Developments of more than 20 houses must include at least 20% of affordable houses, developments of more than 50 houses should include 30% of affordable housing/housing association houses and developments of 100 or more should include 50% of affordable/housing association houses.

Representation ID: 654

OBJECT Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (Mr Noel Davey)


We are concerned by the high proportion of windfall sites and the relatively few allocated housing sites which means there is relatively little guidance as to where housing will be located especially in the smaller settlements. Clarification is required as to why some sites have been withdrawn and boundaries redrawn, while other boundaries have been extended even though no sites are specified.

Representation ID: 406

OBJECT Dr Richard Roberts


No evidence of local housing need which justifies the number that has been designated for Pwllheli. Building so many houses would have a detrimental impact on the Welsh language.

Representation ID: 290

OBJECT Ms Bethan Roberts


Too much houses are to be built

Representation ID: 285

OBJECT Mr Aled Evans


Housing in the centres

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