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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.4.124

Representation ID: 213



The restrictions placed on Coastal/Rural villages are too strict. It is important to have growth. It is important to have growth to safeguard the village's character, in order to enable a variety of local need housing to be built, and not necessarily only affordable housing.

Representation ID: 210



To increase the growth level of Llanbedrog from 16 to 28 units. In 2007 the Council undertook a review of the need for housing in Llanbedrog, and it became apparent that there was a need for 28 houses. 12 affordable houses were built, which leaves 16 as destitute. In the Plan there is no provision for this. Does this figure include second homes?

Representation ID: 202

OBJECT John Brinley Jones


How was the figure 16 new dwellings for Llanbedrog calculated. Does this figure include all types of new dwellings including holiday homes. A survey conduced in 2007 for Llanbedrog Parish Council concluded that 28 families wanted to move into the village. 10 affordable homes were built but apparently these 10 have already been included in the figure and another 3 that are holiday homes have also been included leaving on 1 to be built in Llanbedrog over the plans lifetime which is not enough considering that we would like to see some more growth in Llanbedrog.

Increase number from 16 to at least 28 and this figure should not include second or holiday homes. Change Table 20 relating to explanation paragraph 7.4.124 - Indicative growth level in coastal villages from 16 to 28 and state figures should not include holiday / second homes. Perhaps reduce dwellings required in Pwllheli by 12 and add them to Llanbedrog.

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