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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.4.130

Representation ID: 481

OBJECT Mr Geoff Wood represented by WYG (Mrs Diane Ellis)


The paragraph does not take consideration of circumstances when it may be appropriate to create or re-establish a dwelling in the countryside if it would lead to the restoration of a heritage asset or a local vernacular building which would help to preserve the Welsh culture. In those circumstances the Plan should recognise that it may not be feasible or viable for the building to be occupied by a rural worker or function as an affordable dwelling.

The paragraph should be amended to read "Development in the open countryside will have to satisfy National Policy and TAN6 in relation to new rural enterprise dwelling or one planet development. In some cases, it may be acceptable to create a new dwelling or re-establish a previous dwelling in the open countryside if it involves the sensitive repair or refurbishment of a heritage asset that helps preserve local character or the Welsh culture. In line with Policy TAI9 in the future should there be no eligible occupier for a rural enterprise dwelling then it would be considered for occupation by those eligible for affordable dwelling, if it is viable to do so".

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