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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI19

Representation ID: 1833

OBJECT Carter Jonas (Mr Chris Bell)


Policy TAI 19 places unreasonable restrictions on the conversion of traditional buildings in the open countryside. The reasons being:
(i) Conversion costs are higher for traditional buildings which can impact on viability for affordable housing.
(ii) consideration should be given towards listing status of the building.
(iii) Each settlement should be treated differently on the basis of concern regarding second homes / holiday homes.
(iv) No criteria for cases where compliant occupant cannot be found.
(v) Should restrict use to principal residence only as per Exmoor National Park.

Need a revised policy with more flexibility to treat each proposal and settlement on a case by case basis.

Representation ID: 1422

OBJECT NFU Cymru (Dafydd Jarrett)


The NFU would like to make the following general comments about the Development Management Policies included in the draft Plan. Opportunities that would not prevent the following development:
* A mixture of housing including the right to develop old ruins not only for visitors but for the indigenous population to live in as well.

Representation ID: 605

OBJECT Cadnant Planning (Mr Rhys Davies)


Restricting conversion of traditional buildings for residential use to provide local need affordable units is unviable and undeliverable given the increase in building/development costs for conversion schemes. This policy will fail on viability ground as it is inevitable that the affordable housing requirement cannot be delivered in conversion schemes.

We seek the following changes:
1. The requirement of affordable housing within conversion schemes should be removed.
2. The policy should allow for minor extensions to the building to enable the development.
3. The requirement to provide evidence that employment use of the building is not viable should be removed.

Representation ID: 358

OBJECT Mr Geoff Wood represented by WYG (Mrs Diane Ellis)


Suggest that for part 2 of this policy, a viability test is introduced for the affordable criteria. The term 'sub-ordinate' should be deleted as this test is too onerous. Further, the structural test should not apply where repairing or refurbishing the structure would preserve a heritage asset.

Part 2 - amend to read "Subject to being viable, the development provides an affordable unit for the community's local need for an affordable dwelling or the residential use is an element associated with a wider scheme for business re-use;"

Part 3 - amend to read "The building is structurally sound or involves the repair or refurbishment of a heritage asset that helps to preserve local character and/or the Welsh culture"

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