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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.5.31

Representation ID: 830

OBJECT Robert Llewelyn Jones


I am asking for the Constraints Map to show areas of Conservation - SPG plainly. I would not wish to have the same situation happen at Newry Beach again or at any other location on Anglesey. I would say that the Plan is unsound due to the lack of protection for the Conservation Area - Newry/Holyhead Beach.

It is very important for the Planning Committee to have easily read planning guidance and not to have to depend on officers to bring them to their notice. The Deposit Plan is not easily understood unless you are willing to spend a lot of time studying it. Make it more 'community friendly' - easily a common reference book for all.

Representation ID: 653

OBJECT Cyng/Counc R. Ll. Jones


A more explicit explanation to the para. re 'no statutory requirement' and as to how effective the LDP is in protecting our heritage and listed monuments.

Clearer explanation of the statement as per page 182 and 'statutory requirement.

Representation ID: 488

OBJECT Gwynedd Archaeological planning Service (Mr Ashley Batten)


It is worth noting that the archaeological resource is dynamic (as opposed to static) and is constantly developing. New archaeological sites are discovered all the time and new sites of national importance are added to the Schedule of Ancient Monuments as and when they have been assessed and their importance recognised.

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