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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.5.35

Representation ID: 432

OBJECT Cyngor Tref Ffestiniog (Mrs Ann Coxon)


Additional comment - Town Centre - The map of the Local Plan denotes the town centre incorrectly in our opinion. There are many shops between the station and the Commercial Pub. Many of the town's most important shops are on this part of the High Street, including McColls, one newsagents and one Chinese food shop. These buildings should be kept as shops, in our opinion.

Representation ID: 59

OBJECT Oaktree Environmental Ltd (John Williams)


A 'candidate' site may have little status other than that afforded by whatever current designation such a site may benefit from. Given our client's site is a working slate quarry within the proposed World Heritage Site application boundary, the weight attached to any application for World Heritage status should be commensurate with the stage reached in progressing the application.

Clarify what weight will be given to candidate site status when considering development proposals and whether that weight will increase as the World Heritage Site application progresses.

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