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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - STRATEGIC POLICY PS18

Representation ID: 987

OBJECT Welsh Slate Ltd represented by SLR Consulting Limited (John Hill)


Whilst the Company supports the general strategy it is of the opinion that clear reference should be made to the use of suitable inert wastes in the restoration of previously disturbed land from whatever previous user.

Representation ID: 807

OBJECT Ty Mawr West ltd (John Hill)


PS18 Waste Management.
The waste hierarchy should include a provision for the appropriate use of suitable inert waste arising to be employed in the prudent restoration of previously disturbed land.

Representation ID: 444

OBJECT Mon a Gwynedd Friends of the Earth (Mr Richard Mills)


Strategic Policy PS18, and the associated policies, should make reference to waste minimisation and reduction strategies, reflecting targets in The Waste Prevention Programme for Wales. The JLDP should encourage or compel developers to avoid waste, and to re-use and recycle waste generated during the demolition and/or construction phase.

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