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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY GWA3

Representation ID: 796

OBJECT Mr Rob Booth


Page 191 GWA3 is a policy for radioactive waste treatment and storage. This highlights one of the main problems of having a nuclear power station. The waste is extremely hazardous and difficult dangerous and had to store. The radioactive waste cannot be neutralized, when the half-life of Plutonium is 24,000 years.

Change to Plan
There is a need for the definition of low level and very low level radioactive waste; what type of radioactive waste? I suggest that if this policy is retained it must lists which radioactive isotopes e.g. plutonium 239. If a radioactive waste is required to be stored it should be stored at the power station.

Representation ID: 615

OBJECT Cyng/Counc R. Ll. Jones


This policy is leaving the residents of Anglesey and Gwynedd in danger of becoming the dumping ground for radioactive waste, treatment and storage. The statement that low level radiation generated in existing businesses is made. Does this rule out the new nuclear plant that is being proposed or is it only our present Wylfa A that this applies to? Our County Council have not voted to store radioactive material on site and this should be made clear in the Policy GWA3.

Changes to Plan
Clarification on the storage of nuclear waste and how the policies refer to the proposed Wylfa Newydd

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