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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY MWYN3

Representation ID: 1812

OBJECT Gwasanaeth Cynllunio Mwynau & Gwastraff Gogledd Cy (Dafydd Gareth Jones)


The mineral safeguarding areas (Policy MWYN1) do not appear on the proposal map on Gwynedd Council's website nor do the sand and gravel preferred areass of search referred to in policy MWYN 3.

Inconsistency with the preferred areas of search for sand and grain in Policy MWYN3 and Proposals Map 1.

Need to update the safeguarding mineral areas identified on Proposals Map 1.

Notation for some of the constraints maps is hard to interpret, e.g. safeguarding sand and gravel where the area crosses other denotations such as 'special landscape areas'.

Proposed Changes
Need to include all preferred areas of search that have been identified for sand and gravel in Policy MWYN3 on Proposals Map 1, i.e. ensure that the following areas are marked on the proposals map as well as those that have already been included, namely;
Bodychain Farm, Llanllyfni,
Derwyn Fawr, Gandolbenmaen,
Llecheiddior Uchaf, Gandolbenmaen.
Update the mineral sites identified on Proposals Map 1 to include Nanhoron Quarry and Nant Gwrtheyrn working mineral deposits. The situation also needs to be reviewed to include new back-up quarries (if approved), but also the practicality of including small sites such as Nant Gwrtheyrn and the submission of Prohibition Orders to recommence mining on any 'dormant' mineral site, e.g. Dorothea Quarry.
The mineral safeguarding areas (Policy MWYN1) need to be included on the interactive map as well all the sand and gravel preferred areas of search referred to in policy MWYN3.

Representation ID: 622

OBJECT Mineral Products Association (Mr Malcolm Ratcliff)


This policy is deficient in confusing terminology mentioned in national policy. The objection is not to the sites listed but to the way they are referred to. The policy uses the term 'preferred areas of search'. This confuses two completely different and distinct types of mineral provision in Local Plans which it is important to maintain.

Suggested Changes
At present we suggest the dropping of the word 'preferred' from areas of search to align more closely with national policy. However, whilst we ask for further clarification about the mineral site strategy we are unable to make any suggestions for changes at this time.

Representation ID: 348

OBJECT North Wales Wildlife Trust (Mr Chris Wynne)


The preferred area of search to the north and north-west of Rhuddlan Bach quarry includes land within our ownership. We object to its inclusion with the AoS and note that the land is currently managed by us as part of and a buffer to the adjacent Cors Goch Ramsar site/SAC/SSSI/NNR. We would under no circumstances permit quarrying on our land.

Representation ID: 252

OBJECT Ellesmere Sand & Gravel Company Limited represented by Pleydell Smithyman Limited (Mr Robert Price)


The preferred area of search at Bodychain, Llanllyfni is identified in the written policy but not on the proposals map. It should be shown on the proposals map. There is significant commercial potential for the resource and planning might reasonably be anticipated. It should therefore be a Preferred Area to be worked as an extension to Cefn Graiainog. This would potentially overcome the significant shortfall. The precise working area would be informed by EIA. The resource block at Llanllyfni and Cae Efa Lwyd, Penygroes is supported as an Area of Search.

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