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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY MWYN5

Representation ID: 624

OBJECT Mineral Products Association (Mr Malcolm Ratcliff)


we very much doubt that any building stone quarry operated to modern professional and sustainable standards can meet the requirements of the policy The policy as drafted does not in our opinion provide a realistic prospect to encourage new dimension stone operations, although it may allow continuation of existing ones. An application for more than a small operation (undefined) proposing to serve a wider market not limited to the heritage market by building a sustainable local business would undoubtedly fail. As would an application that produced material already available even if in tiny quantities from another site. There is no reason adduced that would justify such draconian and punitive conditions.

Requested Changes to Plan
We suggest the following changes to the policy
The working or reopening of mineral operations to provide traditional building materials will be granted provided that: It is compatible with other Plan policies

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