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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY MWYN9

Representation ID: 1184

OBJECT Horizon Nuclear Power (Miss Sarah Fox)


Horizon supports a policy on borrow pits.
However, rather than seek for specific amendments to policy MWYN9, Horizon proposes to rely on the Wylfa Newydd specific policies proposed below which will be the relevant policies against which to determine its associated development applications. For this reason Horizon is not proposing specific exclusion of its associated development from these policies.

Representation ID: 263

OBJECT Ellesmere Sand & Gravel Company Limited represented by Pleydell Smithyman Limited (Mr Robert Price)


Existing and proposed borrow pits can be a viable source of mineral that should be supported to ensure the sterilisation of mineral does not occur. Environmental benefits is a wide ranging statement and requires defining.

Support the use of existing and proposed borrow pits where commercially viable given the temporary nature of development. Definition of the scope and extent environmental benefits.

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