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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - 7.1.10

Representation ID: 1125

OBJECT Horizon Nuclear Power (Miss Sarah Fox)


The clarity of these paragraphs should be improved. There is little consistency in the terminology used such that the Plan isn't clear as to expectations in terms of what the Councils are proposing when referring to "community benefits".
There appears to be overlap in the use of this term to cover a number of concepts :
 * Section 106 obligations (as referred to in PS2).
* "community infrastructure contributions" (7.1.10) and "infrastructure provision" (7.1.11)
* Planning obligations (7.1.10 and 7.1.11)
 * CIL levy receipts (7.1.10)
 * Voluntary "community benefits" offered by developers.

Terms and definitions are proposed.

Representation ID: 121

OBJECT Home Builders Federation Ltd (Mr Mark Harris)


Confusion is caused by the use of a number of terms which appear to relate to the same thing these being 'infrastructure', 'community benefit' and 'community infrastructure contributions'. There is no reference to the need to assess the viability of the scheme to provide the 'community benefits'.

Additional wording required or new para to talk about viability assessments in relation to the amount and range of community benefits requested. Use one word to describe S106 contributions to avoid confusion.

Representation ID: 109

SUPPORT CPERA (Cynghorydd Elin Walker Jones)


Not enough attention has been given to Bangor's infrastructure when building. You cannot construct one more house in Bangor without considering infrastructure - roads, sewerage, water supply, surgeries, schools, shops, parks, the police, hospitals, community centres and play areas etc

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