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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI16, T58 - Land near Saron, Bethel, Gwynedd

Representation ID: 1458

OBJECT Dilwyn Jones


There is no need for more housing in the village. One estate remains unfinished, that is Bro Eglwys. There are sererage problems and the school is too small to accept more children. And what will happen to the bus stop by the gate, - a lot of people and children use this bus!

Representation ID: 1456

OBJECT Cyng/Counc Sion Jones


Discussions with residents have drawn my attention to the following:
* Robust evidence required via a detailed study under the Council's supervision to demonstrate that drainage and sewerage problems can be overcome, particularly from the perspective of Saron's residents who are near the proposed site;
* Full consideration needs to be given to views from nearby properties;
* Need to ensure that Saron's residents have a new access and parking spaces in order to tackle the parking situation.

Representation ID: 1391

OBJECT Dr J Elwyn Hughes, MA.


* I am unware of any proof that there is need for further house-building in Bethel.
* There are 'empty' plots on Stad Bro Egwys ready for development.
* Building more houses could attract non Welsh-speakers, thus eroding the 'old Welsh way of life', anglicizing the area, and contributing towards destroying our language and culture.
* Adding another entrance/exit to the B4366 would create an additional flow of traffic, already comprising heavy lorries and farm vehicles, thus causing further problems and dangers on a road which is already constantly busy.
* Any kind of development on the proposed site would affect the present unadulterated scenery.

Representation ID: 1338

OBJECT Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (Mr Dewi Griffiths )


* A water supply can be provided to serve this site.
* The foul flows would lead to Bethel Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) and an assessment of this SPS may be needed to establish whether the flows can be accommodated or whether improvements to the SPS will be required to allow development to proceed.
* The proposed growth being promoted for this settlement would require improvements at Treborth Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) which would need to be funded through our Asset Management Plan or potentially earlier through developer contributions.

Representation ID: 1256

OBJECT Hefin Evans


1. Economic factors - the houses currently for sale in the village are not selling.
2. Environmental factors - public footpath runs through the site and history of flooding and the impact on adjoining houses. T58 is likely to exacerbate the problem.
Both factors are essential and highlight the fact that the site is totally unsuitable. Smaller sites should be considered and sites that are less intrusive. T58 abuts too much on open countryside. Consideration must be given to sites that extend existing development and are not likely to create a detrimental environmental impact.

Representation ID: 1254

OBJECT Nia Lloyd Griffith


1. Concerns over the boundary wall.
2. Concerns over flooding if it is not meticulously prepared

Representation ID: 1230

OBJECT Owen M Jones


I object to this development, first of all because it is too large. Second of all the land is higher than the garden which will affect the privacy of my house. Third of all I anticipate that there will be a risk of flooding to the houses that back onto this land, as nearly every yard of it will be covered by concrete or tarmacadam.

Representation ID: 369

OBJECT North Wales Wildlife Trust (Mr Chris Wynne)


This area includes part of a local WS

Representation ID: 94

OBJECT Mr Steven Burgess represented by Maredudd ab Iestyn


2ch Summary

We believe that the designated site T58 is too small to accommodate the number of units proposed to Bethel in the Joint LDP. We request that the site at the rear of Capel Bethel be included as a housing development site within the village in order to accommodate the future housing needs.We request that the village development boundary be extended to include this site.

We wish to change the Joint LDP so that the site at the rear of Capel Bethel be included within the village development boundary as shown on the attached plan

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