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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY TAI16, T61 - Land near Cefn Capel, Botwnnog

Representation ID: 1341

SUPPORT Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (Mr Dewi Griffiths )


* A water supply can be provided to serve this site.
* Off-site sewers would be required to connect to the public sewerage network. These can be provided through the sewer requisition scheme under Sections 98-101 of the Water Industry Act 1991.
* Botwnnog Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) can accommodate the foul flows from the proposed growth figure allocated for this catchment area.

Representation ID: 476

SUPPORT Mr Geraint Evans


Re: T61: Cefn Capel, Botwnnog: Agree with this potential site. Central to the village, direct access from the site either to the B4413 highway or to a quieter road before joining the B4413. A footpath already exists from this site all the way to the center of the village to the services. Botwnnog is a village which services through two schools, a central Pen Llyn surgery, Congl y Meinciau Business Park, phone exchange etc.

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