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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY CYF1, C22 - Former site of Ysbyty Bron y Garth, Penrhyndeudraeth

Representation ID: 1642

SUPPORT Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (Mr Dewi Griffiths )


* Our local water network is sufficient to provide the domestic water demands required to serve this development area.
* The public sewerage network can accept the domestic foul flows foul flows arising from this development area. The foul flows would lead to Penrhyndeudraeth Pumping Station (SPS) and an assessment of this SPS may be needed to establish whether the flows can be accommodated or whether improvements to the SPS will be required to allow development to proceed.
* Penrhyndeudraeth Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) can accommodate the foul flows from the domestic demands arising from this development area

Representation ID: 1442

OBJECT Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru / Natural Resource Wales (Ymgynhoriadau Cynllunio


Part of this site is located within Ysbyty Bron y Garth Site of Special Scientific Interest. We would recommend that a design guide is prepared to guide development at the former Bron y Garth Hospital site.

Representation ID: 1284

OBJECT Duncan Teed


1) Reclassify former hospital from B1 use to C3 & C2 use
2) Correct land area mistake in CYF1 and other tables (1.6ha not 16ha)

- Building is former NHS hospital (C2 and Grade 2 listed)
- Deposit Plan changed use class to B1
- Have examined B1 usage and buildings not physically suitable for conversion to B1, Grade 2 listed
- No demand for additional business units (vacant units in Penrhyndeudraeth and Blaenau Ffestiniog). Change to B1 not commercially viable
- Building needs development to stop deterioration - builder advises to convert to apartments.
- Good access onto A496 and tarmac car parks
- East side (0.8ha) undeveloped and could develop into housing or employment (hotel, garden centre etc)

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