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Representations on Deposit Joint Local Development Plan - POLICY CYF1, C26 - Wynnstay Farmer's site, Rhosfawr

Representation ID: 1646

SUPPORT Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (Mr Dewi Griffiths )


* Our local water network is sufficient to provide the domestic water demands required to serve this development area.
* There are no public sewers in close proximity to this site, as such the provisions of 'Circular 10/99 Planning Requirement in respect of the Use of Non-Mains Sewerage in New Development' apply and potential developers may wish to consider installing a private package plant treatment works. Consultation with Natural Resources Wales would be required on this matter.

Representation ID: 1378

OBJECT Mr & Mrs R Moore


Unacceptable impact on residential amenity. Existing site already causes noise & disturbance problems. A bigger site would exacerbate this & bring the use much closer to the back of our house which would be dominating and oppressive.

There are still plenty of empty spaces on other industrial estates in the locality that are more suitable and could meet a need if there is one.

Inadequate highway network to accommodate more use. Junction to the B4354 is dangerous.

Unsuitable location - not served by a regular bus service. Only accessible by car. Too far to walk and no pavement from Y Ffôr.

The designation completely removed as an employment site or the area in the attached plan highlighted in green removed from the designation so it contained to the existing developed site.

Representation ID: 1275

OBJECT Karen Taylor


Pease remove the area highlighted in green from employment allocation C26:
- Unaacceptable extension of existing site into agricultural land
- Existing developed site appears under utilised
- It would have unacceptable impact on residential amenity. Existing site already causes noise problems from operations and movement of large vehicles.
- Inadequate highway network to accommodate additional use. Dangerous access onto the B4354
- Unsustainable location - not served by regular bus service, only accessible by car
- Unacceptable visual intrusion into the open countryside
- Fields are potentially of high biodiversity value - unimproved grassland.

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